Raymond Hettinger added the comment:

> I would argue this is a good time to clean up that code in the standard 
> library.

Please leave any clean-ups to the module maintainers.  PEP 8 is something you 
should do to your own code, rather than something you inflict on other people's 

We generally leave "clean-ups" to the module maintainers rather than creating 
code churn which can make it more difficult to apply actual bug fixes across 

Also, GvR has long expressed a preference for "holistic refactoring" where we 
avoid making superficial changes across the library and reserve those changes 
for occasions where we're thinking more deeply about a specific piece of code.  
The basis for this viewpoint has been confirmed a number of times when we've 
received Pep 8 patches that introduced bugs into code that was previously 

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