Raymond Hettinger added the comment:

> May be worth to move this test outside of the loop as in the 
> set_lookup function.

The loop used to be this way but testing showed no benefit, so a while back I 
recombined it back to a j=0 start point and the code looked much nicer.  I 
don't really want to go back if I don't have to.

There may or may not be a microscopic benefit to moving the  leaq 9(%rcx), %rsi 
/ cmpq %rsi, %rax / jae L237 sequence before the table[i+0]->key == NULL check. 
 I don't still have access to VTune to verify that this highly predictable 
branch is essentially free.   I do have a preference at this point for the 
simpler code -- that will make the future optimization work easier (perhaps 
inlining the lookkey code into set_insert_key, set_discard, and set_contains).  
Also, looking at the disassembly of your patch, there is an additional cost for 
setting up the table[i+1] entry that wasn't there before (two new extra 
instructions:      leaq    1(%rcx), %rsi; salq $4, %rsi; occur before the 
normal lookup and test sequence: leaq 0(%rbp,%rsi), %rdx; cmpq $0, (%rdx); je  

That said, if you think it is important to move the table[i+0] test outside the 
(i + LINEAR_PROBES <= mask) test, just say so and I'll apply your version of 
the patch instead of mine.  Otherwise, I prefer the cleaner code (both C and 
generated assembly) of my patch.


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