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Slavek et al - you folks may be interested in this one, as it tracks several 
issues that I consider relevant to the Python 2 -> 3 migration effort.

Redoing the list in a way that should render the strike-throughs for closed 

* Improved Windows console Unicode support (see for details)
* Changing the encoding and error handling of an existing stream
(issue 15216)
* Allowing "backslashreplace" to be used on input (issue 22286)
* Adding "codecs.convert_surrogates" (issue 18814)
* Adding "wsgiref.util.dump_wsgistr" and "wsgiref.util.load_wsgistr" (issue 
* Adding "bytes.hex", "bytearray.hex" and "memoryview.hex" (issue 9951)
* Adding a binary data formatting mini-language (depends on issue 9951, likely 
needs to be escalated to a full PEP for design discussion visibility) (issue 

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