Martin Panter added the comment:

Some of these that I believe are at least partially documented, so could be 
added to the index. But the index for these is not very good anyway, because 
they are listed in a funny (ASCII-betical?) order in a special section called 
“symbols”, rather than alphabetically as you would expect. But that would be a 
separate issue.

Potential index entries:

builtins.__build_class__() →
__builtins__ global variable →
__conform__() method →
__isabstractmethod__ →
Enum.__members__ →
__objclass__ →
type.__prepare__ →
__pycache__/ directory →
object.__signature__ →
object.__sizeof__() →
module.__test__ →
Real.__trunc__ →
module.__warningregistry__ →
object.__weakref__ →

Others that are referenced by the documentation, but not explained anywhere 
that I can tell:

* module.__version__, referenced as an attribute in a few modules and also in 
sample code
* __getformat__(), __setformat__(), __getinitargs__() methods, referenced in 
“unittest.mock” documentation

Regarding __base__, I always assumed this was a leftover from Python 2 from 
some time before multiple inheritance, so maybe __bases__ could be used instead 
now (unless testing backwards compatibility).


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