Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

I changed the title to generalize this issue.

The modal Options => Configure IDLE box does not have minimize or maximize 
buttons and cannot be resized.  (Ditto for About Idle.) This is typical of 
Windows dialogs, even though horizontal expansion would often be useful for 
path displays.  The modal Options => Configure Extensions box also does not 
have the button but *can* be resized. (Ditto for some other help displays.)

The Find, Find in Files, and Replace dialogs are also modal, though perhaps 
they should not be.  They have the buttons and can be maximized (which is 
useless).  They cannot be minimized because focus would have to shift to 
another window of the application, which would contradict being modal.  They 
can be resized, and this is occasionally needed and should stay.  One fix would 
be to make all these dialogs like Configure Extension -- no min, max buttons 
but resizable.

For reference, (but not part of this issue) the File menu dialogs that I 
checked are non-modal.  The Idle-specific Class and Path Browsers have min/max 
buttons and appear on the taskbar.  (Ditto for Debugger and IDLE Help.) The 
tk-defined Open and Save dialogs do not have the buttons and do not appear on 
the taskbar.  I believe the find group are the only modal dialogs with min and 
max buttons.

stage:  -> needs patch
title: Minimize option doesn't work on Search Dialog box for idle -> Idle: some 
modal dialogs maximize, don't minimize
versions: +Python 2.7, Python 3.5

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