Stefan Behnel added the comment:

> I don't think it's necessary to have slots for __aiter__, __anext__, 
> __aenter__ and __aexit__.  Async iteration will never be as fast as regular 
> iteration, and there is plenty overhead in it.

You seem to be assuming that the outer loop is the asyncio I/O loop. That might 
not be the case. It might be a thread-pool executor, it might be an in-memory 
task switcher, or it might just be something passing on items from a list. At 
least "__anext__" is worth being fast, IMHO.

Also note that one advantage of slots is that the user can cache their value to 
keep calling the same C function multiple times. That is not the case for a 
Python method, which can easily be replaced. Some iterators do that with their 
__next__ method, and it's perfectly valid. Having to look up the Python method 
on each iteration and calling through it sounds like unnecessary overhead.


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