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The documentation never makes clear what a "task" in the context of 
At best, it says:

"This method chops the iterable into a number of chunks which it submits to the 
process pool as separate tasks. The (approximate) size of these chunks can be 
specified by setting chunksize to a positive integer."

in the map documentation. However it does not say how this chunks are 
calculated by default, making the maxtasksperchild argument not very useful. 
The fact that a function evaluated by map is not a "task" should be much 
clearer in the documentation.

Also, in the examples, such as:

 with multiprocessing.Pool(PROCESSES) as pool:
        # Tests

        TASKS = [(mul, (i, 7)) for i in range(10)] + \
                [(plus, (i, 8)) for i in range(10)]

        results = [pool.apply_async(calculate, t) for t in TASKS]
        imap_it = pool.imap(calculatestar, TASKS)
        imap_unordered_it = pool.imap_unordered(calculatestar, TASKS)

TASKS are not actually "tasks" but rather "task groups".

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title: The docs never define what a pool "task" is
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