Yury Selivanov added the comment:

OK, let's go with cr_* prefix for coroutine type's slots.

Nick, there is one more thing I'd be glad to receive your input on.  Currently, 
inspect.iscoroutine(o) uses isinstance(o, abc.Coroutine) to do the check.  Ben 
and Stefan reasonably ask to refactor isgenerator() to use abc.Generator.

However, after giving this some thought, I think that inspect.iscoroutine() 
should actually use isinstance(types.CoroutineType).  Lots of existing code 
assumes, that if isgenerator() returns True, then the object has gi_code etc, 
so the function returns True when the passed object is a pure Python generator. 
 Same logic should work for iscoroutine(), right?

isawaitable(), however, should continue using abc.Awaitable, since it only 
checks for __await__ presence on the type (or should we just drop it?)


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