New submission from Zachary Ware:

Here's the (enormous) patch backporting 3.5's project files to 2.7.  It also 
takes care of adjusting the old project files to their new home in PC/VS9.0, 
and makes a couple of small adjustments in distutils.command.build_ext, FixTk, 
regrtest, and the Tcl/Tk tests to keep the test suite running properly.  I've 
run a couple of builds on the custom buildbots, and at this point there are no 
failures that I can see any reason to blame this patch for.

I would greatly appreciate some review, or at least 'review by testing' to make 
sure this doesn't completely break anybody's workflow.

Terry, I'm particularly interested in your feedback since I'm pretty sure you 
generally build from the VS GUI, which I usually avoid doing.  
PCbuild\pcbuild.sln *will not* work with the VS 2008 GUI, but it should work 
with any other VS, 2010 or newer.  If you'd prefer to continue using the 2008 
GUI, PC\VS9.0\pcbuild.sln should continue to work.  When using the new project 
files, though, this should also take care of the headache of making Tcl/Tk play 
the game; you shouldn't have to do anything extra to be able to use Tkinter.

Steve, I did not make any changes to Tools\msi, but I'd be happy to if it makes 
your job any easier.

Looking forward to your feedback,

assignee: zach.ware
components: Build, Windows
files: 2.7_project_files_backport.diff
keywords: patch
messages: 245795
nosy: paul.moore, steve.dower, terry.reedy, tim.golden, zach.ware
priority: normal
severity: normal
stage: patch review
status: open
title: Backport 3.5's Windows build project files to 2.7
type: enhancement
versions: Python 2.7
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