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Sorry for the long silence on this one folks.

I agree the use of "package" and "home page" in the referenced section is 
confusing. For "home page", I'd suggest using the phrase "distribution page" 
instead (unless Donald has a different suggestion based on his current work on 
the next generation PyPI implementation).

As far as the ambiguous "package" goes, for the PyPA docs, we ended up settling 
on the following set of terms (from

  import package = the runtime meaning of the term "package"
  distribution package = the PyPI meaning of the term "package"
  distribution = shortened term for "distribution package"
  package = short for either "import package" or "distribution package", 
depending on context. For a great many packages, there's a one-to-one 
correspondence between the import package and the distribution package, which 
is why folks are often surprised to learn there's a difference.

With the distutils docs normally using "package" to mean "import package", then 
they should use the explicit "distribution" or "distribution package" when they 
mean the other sense.

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