Cyd Haselton added the comment:

A few questions for Russell:

>What hardware architecture are you compiling for? If it's ARM64, and you're 
>not using a trunk version of libffi, that segfault in test_ctypes is to be 

Does this mean I can safely ignore the segfault?

>Are you using the libffi sources vendored into the Python source tree, or a 
>more recent version? 

By 'vendored in' do you mean 'sources included in python source tree for 

>I can verify that libffi v3.2 works on ARMv7 (on iOS, anyway), and there's 
>been plenty of changes to the ARM source tree since the Python version was 
>vendored in.

Would your recommend downloading and building libffi from sources (on device) 
and then building python?

I'm asking the above questions because I've hit a fairly significant roadblock; 
I'm still getting the segfault when test_ctypes is run and I can't seem to get 
anything useful out of gdb.


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