Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

Converting tabs to spaces and deleting trailing whitespace are separate issues 
and should be discussed and possibly done separately.

I think trailing whitespace should be uniformly fixed and prohibited for C 
files as it seems to be for most other files, for reasons including the issue 
cited by Mark.  I seems silly that one should be faced with either reverting 
changes by a mandated fixup program or pushing a somewhat messy patch.  

Does the repository check and reject new and changed lines with trailing 
whitespace, as it does for other file types?  If so, then existing lines with 
whitespace are a trap for someone who makes a small change (such as '<=' to 
'<') and forgets to run patchcheck.

I think generated code should also be generated without whitespace and I would 
also make this a separate patch.  The review mindset for substantive code 
change is different from review of changes that must not make a substantive 

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