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Okay, I've modified the title to match what I've written below.

I've just run some further tests on this problem.  The attached archive 
contains code samples and the output generated (both with and without garbage 

As you can see, the memory stays constant in the first case.  In the second, 
the presence of the loop is probably what throws a spanner in the works.  
Garbage collection seems to make the outcome slightly worse (in the second 

The situation isn't as bad as I first reported, but the memory does nonetheless 
keep increasing in the second case (which it probably shouldn't).

title: The 'subprocess' module leaks roughly 4 KiB of memory per call -> The 
'subprocess' module leaks memory when called in certain ways
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file44708/Memory-Leak-Test.zip

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