Raymond Hettinger added the comment:

I think this needs more discussion on python-dev before going down this path.

In reality, we have many places that have "long running" C code when fed 
extreme arguments.  In practice, we almost never have a problem with these 
except for cute toy bug reports.   To "fix" this, we would need to alter all 
possible long running data consumers or alter all possible long running data 
producers.  This kind of change is hard to test, gums up the code, and hinders 
future maintainability for near zero benefit to ordinary users.

    min(range(100000000000))    # There a lots of places like this

The proposed patch is indelicate about the addition of signal checking.  It 
check on every single iteration right in the middle of most highly optimizied, 
tightest, most speed critical loops in Python, making every use pay a cost for 
something almost no one will ever benefit from.

priority: normal -> low
versions: +Python 3.7 -Python 3.6

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