Christian Heimes added the comment:

The warnings are false positives. Coverity does not understand the relationship 
between dict size and union members. I have closed all issues related to 

There is still one issue left that seems worth looking into:

15. negative_return_fn: Function lookdict_index(mp->ma_keys, ep->me_hash, i) 
returns a negative number. [show details]
    16. var_assign: Assigning: signed variable j = lookdict_index.
2862    j = lookdict_index(mp->ma_keys, ep->me_hash, i);
2863    assert(j >= 0);
2864    assert(dk_get_index(mp->ma_keys, j) == i);
    CID 1372706 (#1 of 1): Improper use of negative value (NEGATIVE_RETURNS)17. 
negative_returns: Passing variable j to a parameter that cannot be negative. 
[show details]
2865    dk_set_index(mp->ma_keys, j, DKIX_DUMMY);

versions: +Python 3.7

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