STINNER Victor added the comment:

> Python 3.5:  Median +- std dev: 423 ns +- 9 ns
> Python 3.7:  Median +- std dev: 427 ns +- 13 ns

0.9% slower on a microbenchmark is not really what I would call significant :-)

But there is an underlying issue: when PGO+LTO is not used, Python 3.7 (and 
Python 3.6, no?) seems slower than Python 3.5. I recall that I moved some code 
from Python/ceval.c to Objects/abstract.c and made subtle changes on how 
functions are called. I guess that code locality has an impact on such 
microbenchmark (CPU-bound). Maybe we should move code, but I don't know where 
nor how. I understood that PGO puts "hot" code in a special section to make the 
hot code closer.


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