Martin Panter added the comment:

Just some minor comments on aix-library.161004.patch:

Instead of, I wonder if the new file should have a different name, 
like, to avoid being too similar to

+def get_shared(input):
+    """Internal support function: examine the get_dumpH() output and
+    return a list of all shareable objects indicated in the output the
+    character "[" is used to strip off the path information.

Needs a newline or new sentance to separate “output” and “the character”.

+def get_legacy(members):
+    [. . .]
+    # shr.o is the preffered name so we look for shr.o first

Spelling: preferred [single F, double R]

+def get_version(name, members):
+    """[. . .]
+    Before the GNU convention became the standard scheme regardless of
+    binary size AIX packagers used GNU convention "as-is" for 32-bit
+    archive members but used an "distinguishing" name for 64-bit members.

Should be: a "distinguishing" [not “an”]


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