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For the blake problem, I guess the structures may either get laid out 
incorrectly, or you might be lucky and they will get the desired packing by 
default. You might have to find if XLC has another way to enable struct 
packing. Or in the worst case, rewrite the code to pack data in a portable 
manner without using a struct.

The feature test macros like _POSIX_C_SOURCE are also discussed in various bug 
reports, including Issue 17120. How are you invoking /usr/include/standards.h? 
Perhaps there is a compiler mode or buggy header file that is getting in the 

Regarding the data and function pointer confusion, this is a tricky case. I 
understand standard C (C99 etc) does not require function pointers to be 
compatible with void pointers. However, POSIX might require partial 
compatibility, at least for casting the void pointer from dlsym() to a function 

Does AIX actually have incompatible (e.g. different size) function and void 
pointers, or can we safely ignore those warnings? I think it may be annoying to 
change Python’s PyType_Slot and PyModuleDef_Slot structures to be compatible 
with function pointers, though perhaps it could be done with anonymous unions 
or something.

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