Martin Panter added the comment:

This indicated to me that the socket object has indeed been closed _before_ you 
call getpeername():

<socket.socket [closed] fd=-1, family=AFNET, type=SOCKSTREAM, proto=0>
OS.Error[WinError10038]an operation was attempted on something that is not a 

In this case, I think ā€œ[closed] fd=-1ā€ means that both the Python-level socket 
object, and all objects returned by socket.makefile(), have been closed, so the 
OS-level socket has probably been closed. In any case, getpeername() is 
probably trying the invalid file descriptor -1. If there are no copies of the 
OS-level socket open (e.g. in other processes), then the TCP connection is 
probably also shut down, but I suspect the problem is the socket object, not 
the TCP connection.

Without code or something demonstrating the bug, Iā€™m pretty sure it is a bug in 
your program, not in Python.

resolution: remind -> not a bug
stage:  -> test needed
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