Martin Panter added the comment:

Well, I am not really an expert on the stuff, but I will ask a 
question anyway that may help the review process: Why do you remove the code 
that loops over Modules/Setup? Maybe is it redundant with the other code for 
removing the already-built-in modules?

Looking at the repository history, the code for avoiding already-built-in 
modules was first added as part of revision c503fa9b265e; see the __import__() 
call. Later, the second chunk of code looping over Setup was added in revision 
90e90c92198b, with discussion at 

The logic matching MODOBJS doesn’t look super robust. E.g. I suspect it will 
get confused if there are two Python modules that happen to use the same C 
filename in different subdirectories. Also, I suspect it could get confused by 
_math.c, which is shared by the “math” and “cmath” modules.

Perhaps I don’t know what I am talking about, but if you added 
Modules/Setup.config to the list of Setup files to process, would that 
eliminate the need to look at both MODOBJS and sys.builtin_module_names?

stage:  -> patch review

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