Berker Peksag added the comment:

Thanks for the patch, Tim.

> Changed true -> :const:`True` in subprocess.rst.

This is out of scope for this issue and I actually prefer the current form.

Having method and class signatures in subprocess.__doc__ would make it less 
maintainable. I'd prefer having a short docstring that describes what the 
modules does, and what its modern API look like.

I don't think we should duplicate documentation of CalledProcessError, 
TimeoutExpired and Popen in their docstrings. Perhaps it would be better to 
just document which parameters are POSIX only.

Also, did you use the GitHub mirror to create the patch? If so, please use the 
official Mercurial repository: Rietveld doesn't like 
patches created from the git repository so it was a bit hard to review the 
patch without using Rietveld. Thanks!


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