piotr.sk added the comment:

Thank you for explanation of the background problem. Updating documentation as 
you mention is a good next step.

Thanks as well for the proposed solution of splitting the input string, but as 
long as it is just a display issue, this is not needed for test strings. 

On the other side, given tkinter limitations of displaying lines longer than 
2728 characters, I propose following solution for IDLE:
If line to display is longer than 2728 characters (or whatever limit you set, 
let’s call it X), by default replace it with a line of X-3 initial characters 
followed by ”...” (internally, just for displaying purposes ;-)). As long as 
the current cursor position is not beyond X-3 column (99.99% of time working 
with the script), display the truncated line.  

This will avoid confusion, as users will not see “empty”/”strange” lines 
browsing through the code and if someone really wants to manually edit 
character after the X-3 column, the display will be adapted accordingly.

Let me know what you think about it.


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