Serhiy Storchaka added the comment:

This example is too artificial.

But there is a real issue: opening read-only files in read mode. Currently this 
causes a PermissionError on closing.

For backward compatibility flags 'r' and 'w' are ignored. I.e. opening with 'r' 
and 'w' creates a file if it is not existing, and opening with 'r' allows 
modifying the database. Since 3.6 this emits deprecation warnings (issue21708). 
In future versions this will be an error.

Proposed patch makes two changes:

1. The index file no longer written if the database was not modified. This 
increases performance and adds a support of read-only files.

2. A deprecation warning is raised when the index file is absent in 'r' and 'w' 
modes. In future versions this will be an error.

May be the first change can be backported.

keywords: +patch
stage:  -> patch review
type: behavior -> enhancement
versions: +Python 3.7
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