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Serhiy: "I don't propose to commit this complicated patch, but these results 
can be used as a guide to the optimization of tuple creating. It is surprising 
to me that this patch has any effect at all."

A new "fast call" calling convention was added to Python 3.6 to avoid the 
creation of temporary tuples to pass function arguments. Benchmarks confirm 
that Python 3.7 is faster than Python 3.5 of functions that Serhiy suggested to 
optimize. I confirm that I was also surprised that fast call has a significant 
effect on performance!

Fast calls don't require complex code like reuse_argtuples_3.patch which 
requires to check carefully the reference counter. In the past, a similar 
optimization on property_descr_get() introduced complex bugs: see issue #24276 
and issue #26811. Fast calls don't use such issues.

The implementation of fast calls is currently incomplete: tp_new, tp_init and 
tp_call slots still require a tuple and a dict for positional and keyword 
arguments. I'm working on an enhancement for Python 3.7 to support also fast 
calls for these slots. In the meanwhile, callbacks using tp_call don't benefit 
yet on fast calls.

That's why I had to keep the tuple/refcount optimization in 
property_descr_get(), to not introduce a performance regression.

I consider that this issue can now be closed as "fixed".

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