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Ok, here is a first patch: tp_fastcall.patch

* Add tp_fastcall to PyTypeObject
* Add fastcall_wrapper() and use it for tp_call in PyType_Ready()
* Modify _PyObject_FastCallDict() and _PyObject_FastCallKeywords() to use 
tp_fastcall if defined
* Modify a lot of types to define tp_fastcall instead of tp_call (to use 
FASTCALL calling convention)
* Add a few new helper functions:

  - _PyObject_FastCall_Prepend() -- similar to _PyObject_Call_Prepend()
  - _Py_FastCall_FromArgs() -- ugly name, sorry about that, it should be 
renamed :-)
  - PyArg_UnpackStack() -- similar to PyArg_UnpackTuple()
  - _PyArg_NoStackKeywords() -- similar to _PyArg_NoKeywords

Hum, I should make sure that these new functions are not public. By the way, I 
should probably rename PyArg_UnpackStack() to _PyArg_UnpackStack().

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