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Uploaded a new version of the patch.

Changelog of this patch (compared to v3):
 * Fixed reliability issue of existing pty tests.
 * pty.fork() should now also work on systems without os.forkpty(). Added code 
to test this backup path of pty.fork().
 * Reverted my flawed changes to (broken pipe).
 * All new tests which produce output in the pty.spawn()ed child have the 
terminal in a well-defined state w.r.t. termios.
 * Subtle renaming: PtyTest is now PtyBasicTest. The reason is to execute it 
before the integration tests. All tests are independent and the order is 
irrelevant, but if something fails on a platform, it is easier to debug if we 
run the unit tests before we go to the integration tests.
 * Improved, cleaned, documented, and restructured test code. Thank you Xavier 
and Martin for your very helpful feedback :-)

I also added some small comments in the code review tool.

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