paul j3 added the comment:

I don't anticipate  any backward compatibility issues with the proposed patch.  
But at the same time it feels almost too trivial of an issue to merit a patch.  

A short metavar such as `metavar="ID"' or even `metavar="_"' would be nearly as 
compact, and still leave an indicator of the required argument (in usage as 
well as the help).

I'm not even sure if disallowing a blank metavar is worth the change.

As indicated before I've only seen this extra space problem when I or others 
suggest the blank metavar as a way making a more compact help invocation.  That 
has come up frequently on SO, but I can't find a relevant bug/issue. - here I suggest suppressing the 
help line and putting custom info in the group's description.
 - suggests a help formatter subclass

So maybe the bigger issue is, can we make it easier to customize the the help 
invocation formatting?

Things to consider:

- metavar affects both the help line and usage

- setting help width and indentation is a messy part of the formatter

- there are unittests for long and long-long-longer option names to test these 
indentation issues.

As with some other help formatter issues, we are treading a fine line between 
making trivial patches, and substantive ones that make it cleaner and more 


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