Antoine Pitrou added the comment:

Ok, I did an experiment. I added "from __future__ import absolute_import" at 
the top of _multidict.c, and after a recompile the warning went away.

What changed was that the following line:

  __pyx_t_1 = __Pyx_Import(__pyx_n_s_sys, 0, -1); if (unlikely(!__pyx_t_1)) 
__PYX_ERR(0, 5, __pyx_L1_error)

was replaced with:

  __pyx_t_1 = __Pyx_Import(__pyx_n_s_sys, 0, 0); if (unlikely(!__pyx_t_1)) 
__PYX_ERR(0, 3, __pyx_L1_error)

Ignore the change from "3" to "5", which is the line number for the traceback.  
The relevant change is the "level" argument to __Pyx_Import() which went from 
-1 to 0.


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