Xavier de Gaye added the comment:

In the subprocess test named test_executable_without_cwd and when the test is 
run on the installed Python, argv[0] is not the python executable and 
calculate_path() in Modules/getpath.c, as a last resort, searches the 
directories pointed to by the preprocessor variables PREFIX and EXEC_PREFIX 
defined in the Makefile. So this test indeed would have failed with the 
(rejected) proposition made in issue 1676135 to substitute the prefix '/' for 
'' in the configure script.  But the test would succeed when the substitution 
replaces '/' with '/./' as proposed here (after Python has effectively been 
manually installed on '/' of course).

Actually using '/.' instead of '/./' is better since the configure script will 
remove the trailing slash anyway. In both cases the value of prefix in the 
sysconfig module is '/.'.


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