Cheryl Sabella added the comment:

FYI, I believe that the ttk.OptionMenu is essentially the same as the 
DynOptionMenu.  ttk.OptionMenu added a `set_menu` which is the same code as 
DynOptionMenu.SetMenu, except the options are radiobuttons (which marks the 
current item.)

The only difference is that DynOptionMenu has a highlightthickness, but this 
isn't directly available on any widgets in ttk. 

One other thing to consider is a Spinbox for the fontsize and maybe for the 
indentsize.  There is a ttk Spinbox in the ttk documentation, but it doesn't 
appear to be implemented in Python.

Maybe that should be added to ttk?  Or maybe it didn't change from tkinter so 
that's why it wasn't added?

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