Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

This issue is about IDLE getting further out of the business of calculating 
signatures and depending instead on the newest (and tested) inspect function.

In 2012, the blogger used getargspec, which was deprecated for 3.x a few years 
before, in 3.0.  I suspect that the blog is about 2.x, which is no longer 
relevant for IDLE development.

Inspect.getargspec was superceded by getfullargspec, which was superceded by 
signature. 

Signature() has a keyword-only option follow_wrapped=True.  The new patch uses 
this default.  I suspect that this is relevant to the blogger's concern, but I 
don't know which value the blogger would want.  Either way, I would not switch 
unless convinced that False is the best choice for beginning users.  Any such 
discussion would be a new issue.


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