STINNER Victor added the comment:

Nir Soffer: "I like the idea, may be also useful in";

It's hard to guess which kinds of informations are needed. My use case is to 
debug failing tests on the Python CIs. Other use cases may want other kinds of 

For example, my perf module also a "python3 -m perf collect_metadata" which has 
a similar goal but reads also information about the CPU: CPU configuration, 
model, temperature, etc. I don't think that these information are useful for 
Python tests.

Serhiy Storchaka: "Note that there are two versions: the version with which the 
interpreter is build, and the version of the dynamic library."

Sorry, version of what? The readline module has two versions, my proposed 
test.pythoninfo tool saves both. Depending on the failing test, you need one 
version or the other, or both.

The purpose of pythoninfo is to be able to log a long list of informations, 
without after to care if it is useful or not in general ;-)


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