Terry J. Reedy <tjre...@udel.edu> added the comment:

I am in favor of exposing all of tk where it makes sense to do so, and I think 
it does here.

After 'translating' the tk after_info entry into tkinter-ese, I would expect 
and want that
  root.after_info(root.after(f, 100000))[0] is f
be true.  the same as would be true of the tcl equivalent. (This could even be 
a test.)  It appears that the current patch instead returns a (python) 
reference to the tcl wrapper of f.  The fact that python callbacks get wrapped 
as tcl callbacks is currently transparent to tkinter users and should remain so.

Serhiy, I presume that this is what you were uncertain about.  I am presuming 
above that f can be recovered.

Returning the function kind as 'timer' or 'idle' is fine. In other contexts, an 
enumeration would be a possibility, but this does not seem to fit tkinter.

I presume a bad id results in TclError.  Do other tkinter functions allow 
TclError to propagate?  My impression is no.  If so, it should be replaced here 
in a way consistent with other tkinter practice.


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