Terry J. Reedy <tjre...@udel.edu> added the comment:

The ()[]{} match manager is in parenmatch.py.  It imports Hyperparser, which 
uses pyparse.Parser.  When one types a closer, the corresponding opener is also 
highlighted and, depending on the configured style, everything in between.  
Very handy for showing when enough closers have been typed. Edit => Show 
surrounding parens, ^0 on Windows, which is essentially ^) on US keyboards, 
highlights out to the nearest pair.  One can select one end of a pair by 
putting the cursor just inside a fence char.  (A tk Text cursor is between 
characters, not on.)

I don't think I would like automatic flashes when merely moving the cursor, or 
maybe I don't understand what you propose.

On the hand, moving to the nearest opener to the left or closer to the right 
could be useful.  ^] is already used for indent region, but ^{ and ^} 
(control-shift-bracket) are available and mnemonic.  What shortcuts do you know 


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