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Dear manager,

I'm just starting python and trying to make simple web application.
As above title, I just want to open webbrowser at first and then just change 
web-address in the same tab, but whenever I try, it always open 
new tab or new window.
When I checked webbrowser-control options on python help page, it says's 2nd argument can control window opening. but it did not work 
well in my tries. following is my test code.

#1st try
import webbrowser
url = '', new=0) # this open new explorer window.


#2nd try, new=0) # this open new explorer window again.

In my test, I test 2nd argument from 0 to 2, but there seems no change.
always opens new tab.

Is there any way to change address and open in the current opened browser 

best Regards,

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title: [help][webbrowser always opens new tab. I want to open in the same tab]
versions: Python 3.6

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