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It is actually a bug in virtualenv instead of venv.

> the outer environment's pip leaks into the inner environment;

This is true, but why? In short, the inner-env python binary
use `outer-env/` directory as its `prefix` direcotry,
but the `inner-env/` directory is the right `prefix` directory.

When the Python binary is executed, it attempts to determine
its `prefix` (which it stores in sys.prefix), which is then used
to find the standard library and other key files, and by the
`site` module to determine the location of the site-package directories.

However, virtualenv has its own `site` module, which is different
implemented from the site module in stdlib. It makes the inner-python
get a wrong `prefix` value.

> (Could a fix on virtualenv's side help?)
In my own opinion, if virtualenv change its implementation of,
there is a change to fix this.

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