Alexey Izbyshev <> added the comment:

Thank you for the detailed response, Eryk!

> A mount point is always a directory, even if the volume isn't currently 
> available.

Do I understand correctly that you propose to additionally change 
os.path.exists() to return True for mount points with unavailable volumes? 
–°urrently, os.path.exists() (i.e, the underlying os.stat()) attempts to 
traverse them, and this would be consistent with os.path.isdir() if the latter 
were changed to traverse directory reparse points too (both would return False 
for such mount points). Is your idea to change the behavior to match POSIX in a 
similar case when, for example, the remote NFS server is down but stat() still 
works on the local mount point? If so, is this a new idea compared to the first 
paragraph of [1] where you say that non-link reparse points should always be 



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