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I think __trunc__ is special here, as it's called by a built-in type 
constructor, whereas __floor__ and __ceil__ really are specific to their 
respective math module functions. That said, I also wouldn't be opposed to 
listing all 4 methods together (or else listing __floor__ and __ceil__ with the 
just added entry for __trunc__).

I also filed to cover an anomaly Eric found 
after I suggested adding __index__ to the list of methods tried, which is that 
int() and math.trunc() *don't* call __index__ implicitly: the type has to set 
"__int__ = __index__" and "__trunc__ = __index__" to get them to work.

I suspect we just didn't notice when PEP 357 was implemented because the 
developers that wanted __index__ were adding it to types that *already* defined 
__int__ and __trunc__.


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