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It would be nice for those who write C extensions to have a resource that 
explicitly states what assumptions are made by the CPython implementation that 
are otherwise implementation-defined in standard C.  

For example, Python versions >= 3.6 require:
- That UCHAR_MAX is defined to be 255 (from Python.h)
- That fixed-width intXX_t and uintXX_t types are provided in stdint.h and 
inttypes.h (from PEP7)

These two requirements also pretty much guarantee that CHAR_BIT == 8.  These 
kinds of things are nice to know for anybody working with the C API; we can 
make the same assumptions in our own code without having hunt through the API 
docs or the CPython source tree every time something comes up.

>From what I've found, there isn't any component of the documentation that 
>explicitly lists these assumptions in one place (I apologize if there is and I 
>somehow missed it...).  Could this be addressed in the future?  


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title: Centralized documentation of assumptions made by C code
versions: Python 3.6

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