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Currently, Python has very few instrumentation when it comes to the types of 
allocations that it's doing. For instance, we currently can't identify how many 
times an object uses free lists vs actual mallocs.

Currently, there's a special build which can be used by compiling with 
"-DCOUNT_ALLOCS". However, this build is not ABI compatible with extensions. 
Meaning you have to recompile all the modules that are used. Doing this on a 
large scale scenario (1000+ modules) is not feasible.

Thus, I propose the following enhancements:
* Make COUNT_ALLOCS ABI compatible

* Expand the counters to not only track allocs and frees but also distinguish 
* GC Counts: Allocs/Frees coming from PyObject_GC_Malloc PyObject_GC_Del
* Memory Counts: Allocs/Frees coming from PyMem_Malloc/PyObject_Malloc 
PyObject_Free (modulo GC objects).
* Free Lists: "Allocs/Frees" coming from specific object's free_lists/caches.
* Misc: Extra kinds of "Allocs/Frees" such as code's zombie frame.


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