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Support for KeyedArchives are not limited to the Swift implementation I linked 
to. They have been supported since Mac OS X since 10.2 (long before Swift came 
around). The documentation 
 shows that NSKeyedArchive can only output in plist format since outputFormat 
is of type NSPropertyListFormat (allowing to output in either XML or binary).

The other unimplemented binary token types (URL, UUID, set, ordset) are not 
used under NSKeyedArchive (see the "Encoding Data and Objects" section of the 
documentation mentioned above) so there's no concern that supporting 0x80 (UID) 
will suddenly necessitate implementing the other unimplemented types. If you 
feel that it would be necessary to implement them in order to accept the patch 
I would be happy to try and implement them.

I know I certainly have an use case (reading to-do list data from the 2Do app) 
and the creator of this bug wanted to read SnapChat data files.

Currently, I am using a hot-patched plistlib._BinaryPlistParser to read the 
data I need (see attached for a snippet) and I would rather not do that, but if 
you think my use case scope does not warrant inclusion in the standard library 
then I'll just have to deal with that.

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