Nick Coghlan <> added the comment:

I think this is actually two distinct problems, one documentation one (which 
should be addressed in the online docs for all currently maintained versions), 
and one actual functional issue.

The documentation issue is the one you've reported: in order for the recursive 
descent to work in walk_packages given the current algorithm, then the 
combination of the given prefix, and the current global import configuration 
must allow that package to actually be imported. While there is a note about 
that limitation, it's currently thoroughly unclear.

The functional issue is two-fold:

1. pkgutil.iter_modules() doesn't identify PEP 420 namespace packages correctly 
(it ignores them as not being potential packages)

2. The recursive import to check pkg.__path__ uses a name based global 
__import__ rather than the more state independent

It's that second problem that introduces the "prefix must be set to get useful 
output" behaviour that you're currently seeing.


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