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I don't know anything about appJar (looks interesting!) but any issue like this 
is almost certainly a Tk issue, since Python's tkinter provides a fairly 
lightweight wrapper around calls to Tk.

As far as I can tell from a quick test, it appears that the difference here is 
due to some change in the macOS Cocoa Tk behavior in more recent versions.  As 
documented, the 3.6.5 macOS 64-bit-only Python uses its own Tcl/Tk 
8.6.8 while the 64-bit/32-bit installer continues to link with an external 
Tcl/Tk 8.5.x version. For that variant, the system looks first in 
/Library/Frameworks for third-party Tcl and Tk 8.5.x frameworks, such as the 
recommended ActiveTcl version ( and, 
if none found there, falls back to the Apple-supplied Tcl/Tk 8.5 frameworks in 
/System/Library/Frameworks.  With the recommended ActiveState 8.5.18 Tcl/Tk 
version installed, the tooltips also do not appear just like with the 
64-bit-only 8.6.8 version.  Falling back to the old, buggy Apple-supplied 8.5.9 
versions, the tooltips do appear, which I assume is what is happening on your 
system.  I was also able to test with an X11 Tk 8.6.8 on macOS and there the 
 tips *do* work.  So, it appears that somewhere between Tk 8.5.9 and 8.5.18, 
the behavior of tooltips in Tk's macOS Aqua Cocoa implementation has changed. 
Suggest you pursue this on the Tcl/Tk project's Tk issue tracker 
( and/or its tcl-mac mailing list 
(  It might help to have a pure 
Tcl test case.  Good luck!  (Nosying: Kevin Walzer from the Tk project as a 
heads up.)

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