Terry J. Reedy <tjre...@udel.edu> added the comment:

We use 'crash' for, on Window, a process stopping either with no explanation or 
a 'Your process has stopped box' from Windows.

In any case, PositionalList.py will not run without _DoublyLinkedBase.py, which 
you did not upload.

The traceback has
  File "...\Python\Python36\lib\bdb.py", line 48, in trace_dispatch
    return self.dispatch_line(frame)

Since sometime last summer, that code line is line 51, indicating that you are 
using an old release of 3.6, probably 3.6.2 or earlier.  The current bugfix 
release is 3.6.5.  If possible, upgrade to 3.6.5 and retest.

The traceback does not make much sense to me either.  Neither of the IDLE 
methods userline and interaction obviously access a .name attribute of 
anything.  The '_ModuleLock' object is created by importlib._bootstrap.  
Searching all issues for '_ModuleLock' got 11 hits.  None are obviously about 
import and tracing.

To determine whether the problem has anything to do with IDLE, single-step 
debugging should be repeated with pdb, which is Python's text debugger, and 
also based on bdb.

Brett, can you tell anything from the multiple importlib._bootstrap lines in 
the traceback?

nosy: +brett.cannon
type: crash -> behavior

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