Xavier de Gaye <xdeg...@gmail.com> added the comment:

The compilation failure is a consequence of the changes made in issue 30860. 
Simply adding '#include "internal/pystate.h"' in Modules/_elementtree.c fixes 
the compilation although this is not the correct fix.

The modules configured in Modules/Setup keep being built with -DPy_BUILD_CORE 
while the refactoring done in issue 30860 imposes new constraints on the way 
headers are handled for modules accessing the Py_BUILD_CORE API. Most modules 
configured in Modules/Setup do not use this API and none of the commented out 
modules in this file (normally built by setup.py [1]) does. PR 6489 fixes this 
by introducing yet another CFLAGS named PY_NO_CORE_CFLAGS to only use 
-DPy_BUILD_CORE with Setup modules that use the Py_BUILD_CORE API.

[1] the _xxsubinterpreters module is the only one that sets -DPy_BUILD_CORE 
explicitly in setup.py

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