Aviv Palivoda <pala...@gmail.com> added the comment:

I don't have any specific use case for making the statement cache optional. I 
expected that by changing the cache size to 0 there will be no statement cache. 
I think that this is a common assumption as can be seen in 

rogerbinns did give a use case where we would like to disable the statement 
cache in 
https://github.com/ghaering/pysqlite/issues/126#issuecomment-410030910. I think 
that statement cache should be disable implicitly in that case as you suggest. 
The code change will be very similar and I do believe we should allow the user 
to disable the cache. I will be happy to open a new PR once this is merged that 
will disable the statement cache implicitly when calling `set_authorizer()`


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