Ronald Oussoren <> added the comment:

A GCC export should be able to tell more, but the warning should be harmless.

Objects/obmalloc.c says that the thread sanitizer is available from GCC 4.8, 
but for some reason it isn't on your system. This seems to be a bug in 
obmalloc.c:  The GCC 4.8.5 docs don't mention this attribute [1], while the 5.5 
docs do [2]


There's a couple of releases between 4.8.5 and 5.5.0, I don't know which one 
introduces this function attribute. Once that version is know it should be 
fairly easy to provide a patch that only uses the attribute for new enough 

stage:  -> needs patch
type:  -> compile error
versions: +Python 3.8, Python 3.9

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