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Hi Davin,
This PR would fix the issues mentioned by you, by not prematurely unlinking the 
shared memory segment. And, therefore it would make shared memory useful in a 
lot of use cases.

But, this would still not make Unix's implementation consistent with Windows.
Windows uses a reference counting mechanism to count the number of processes 
using a shared memory segment. When all of them are done using it, Windows 
simply unlinks and frees the memory allocated to the shared memory segment.

I know that you already know this. I am commenting to find out, that what would 
be the next steps to fix the above inconsistency. You could see my last 
comment(msg351445) in issue37754, where I have listed some ways to implement 
the above reference counting mechanism. 

If you could have a look and see which one would be the best way, I would be 
happy to make a PR for it.


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