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A possible use case would be having multiple users and some groups said users 
can belong to. When using a WeakSet a user won't be part of a groups after he 
deleted his account without having to iterate over all groups.

class User: pass

class Group:
  users: WeakSet[User]

  def __init__(self, users: Iterable[User]):
    self.users = WeakSet(users)

# somewhere else a collection of all active users

Types I would like to see added as a generic would be primarily:
- WeakKeyDictionary
- WeakValueDictionary
- WeakSet

Additionally it would be nice to have generic versions of:
- ref (would probably return Optional[T] on call?)
- WeakMethod
- ProxyType
- CallableProxyType

Although the last two could probably be just annotated using T because they 
mostly should behave the same...


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