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> But is the 'fix' in _maybe_compile at all applicable to the REPL?  Or might a 
> parser change REPL fix make the code in _maybe_compile unneeded?

I don't know.  Most of the contortions in are meant to 
emulate what the parser does without help in the REPL: keep asking for input 
until one of the following happens:

- a syntax error is found;

- a simple statement is parsed till completion;

- an empty line is found at a point where a compound statement is potentially 

The bug here is that apparently the above conditions aren't quite enough, and 
it seems we need to add:

- a line that contains just whitespace and/or a comment is seen before anything 

The reason that IDLE has to reimplement similar logic is that the parser 
(actually, the tokenizer) isn't written as a coroutine to which you send lines 
you read -- it's written as a blocking function that you pass a file and the 
function will attempt to read lines from the file.  The function returns a 
parse tree or raise an error.  That model doesn't work in IDLE, which needs to 
stay reactive while the shell window is in the middle of a statement.

I think we'll find that the bug is *very* old.  IIRC the initial releases of 
Python didn't have the rule that indentation is ignored between matching 
parentheses/brackets/braces.  In those days the tokenizer also didn't 
gracefully skip blank lines, or lines with comments that weren't aligned with 
the current indentation level.  So then checking for empty lines was good 


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